Supporting the Animals of our Community

On September 17th the Downeast Equine and Large Animal Society, a local rescue, held a Fall Open House.  Downeast Wind donated a Wildlife camera for a raffle and chances will be sold until the Spring Open House.   

 Rescued Donkey at the Fall Open House

DELAS takes abandoned and abused animals and rehabilitates them if possible and finds them good homes.  Most of the animals there today are permanent residents, including a kissing llama that patrols the perimeter keeping unwanted animals out, a sweet horse with a birth defect that nobody else wanted and various donkeys, goats, horses and ponies, ducks, chickens and geese.  It was a lovely sunny day with a pot luck BBQ and horse rides for the kids (big and little!).  Rodeo, a horse who was chained to the back of a pick-up and drag down the road, is doing beautifully physically and his PTSD has reduced considerably.  


Rescued Llama at the Fall Open House  Rescued Horse at the Fall Open House